Born into a rich legacy of music, Bhuvanesh Mukul Komkali was destined to be a singer. Surrounded by the sound of an incomparable vocalist tradition since conception, Bhuvanesh grew up with the rhythms and shifting weight of original compositions imbuing his senses. Even if he cared not to listen, the pulse could not be ignored because it was in his blood.

Grandson of Pandit Kumar Gandharva, son of Mukul Shivputra, Bhuvanesh’s musical journey began, unbeknowest to him, in infancy. Bhuvanesh’s earliest memories are filled with the sounds of early morning practice, performances and recordings. An amazing repertoire made its way into the very cells of his being, even as he graduated from college with a commerce degree.

Bhuvanesh’s musical quest continues today under the tutelage of Smt. Vasundhara Komkali and Shri Madhup Mudgal. Analytical environment and meditating over the different aspects of classical music boosted energy to bloom and glow his artistic personality.

Learning the rudiments of vocal music under such accomplished teachers has deepened Bhuvanesh’s appreciation for his forefather’s talents and renewed his commitment to preserve and extend his heritage. By following the values and philosophy established by Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Bhuvanesh proves his commitment and persistence for music through his singing.

He is currently engaged in enriching the archives of Pandit Kumar Gandharva’s music using the latest in digital technology. Bhuvanesh has composed music for Hindi feature film ‘Devi Ahilya’. Bhuvanesh has performed successfully in almost all over India in reputed music festivals and has been highly appreciated by the well versed audience.

He has been awarded with scholarship by cultural department of Government of India. In the year 2009 he was awarded by Shanmukhanand Shiromani Award and Mallikarjun Mansur yuva puraskaar by Govt. of Karnataka in 2010 and Sangeet Natak Akademi's prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar in 2012. He is a regular performer for All India Radio. He was sent by Govt of India to perform at Mauritius and Nepal.

Stage Requirements

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